Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow & ice!! Pah I laugh in its face........

Well its certainly been a week were the Winter has certainly shown its nastier side.

This weekend  was always going to be a tough week to fit in my running as my 2 youngest sons had their respective birthday parties on Saturday and on Sunday. Saturday was the turn of Lewis's (whose birthday is this Wednesday) after a frantic morning sorting out swimming lessons and baby sitters, we were off with Lewis and 4 of his friends to the cinema. To be fair I was dreading the experience 5  six year olds is a recipe for a mass riot in my opinion, but I was pleasantly surprised. A great time was had by all and i even got to watch the film which was a bonus. Then it was off to the food mecca for all 6 year old's MacDonald's.
For our son who has been on a really healthy diet for the last 6 weeks it was like being let loose in a sweet shop, Mind you he had his happy meal and afterwards he drank half his coke and then said he felt sick. Which just goes to show how he has moved on.

Then it was on to Sunday and Matthew's birthday, this was a full on day. The morning was spent opening and playing with Matthews presents. Then he had his party with his friends from nursery which went very well for a 4year olds party. Then the afternoon was spent with family, then it was crash time in the evening.

I must say I was very impressed with Anna as there was quite a bit off party food going on all weekend and she did not get tempted with any of it. You go girl!!!

Oh and we bought a Treadmill on Thursday, mind you this is for Anna. I will not be tempted...!!

ANYWAY on to the running this week. As I said earlier this was always going to be tough fitting the running in this week- but then every week its a juggling act.

This week I wanted to do 2 long back to back runs, so I decided to bin my hill rep run this week and cut the runs from 6 runs to 4 runs this week.

So I ran home from work on Mon 8ish miles. Then I ran into work wed morn which was fairly cold, my hands were like blocks of ice when I got to work. I knew I had to sort it out for my up and coming runs as the forecast was cold cold cold...

So Friday morning came and the alarm rose at 4.20am. I got myself sorted after trying to convince my self that this was a really stupid idea and my bed was the place to be.
I was out the door at 4.45am and it was colder than I was expecting but crucially I had 2 pairs of gloves on. This was going to be the tougher run as it was hilly hilly hilly. I must admit after about 3 miles I had got used to the cold and just knuckled down and ground out the miles. I had a glitch at around 14 miles in when my water pipe on my pack froze up so I had no water for the rest of the run. So 22 miles later I had finished and was at work ready for whatever they threw at me.,

Friday night my legs were a bit achy so to bed with nuerofen I went.

TO be rudely awaken at 3.20am which seemed ridiculous to me, but I mechanically got up and sorted my self out. I was out the door at 3.40am and was on my merry way, it was foggy frosty and I was not in the mood for it but again after about 3 miles I was in the zone banging the miles out. After about 2 hours THE SNOW came and it snowed and snowed. I then realised I had a problem I had set out with road shoes and now I was in some fairly thick snow underfoot. Still you soldier on whatever is thrown at you, I carried on and found a running stance that seemed to work well in slippery snowy conditions.
By this time I was The abominable snow man and must have looked a sight.

I carried on and 30miles later then end was in sight and a warm kitchen, coffee and a bowl of Kellogg's finest All - Bran.

So as I bask in the self satisfaction of 68.5miles done this week, of which 52 miles was back to back. I know I have done these in adverse conditions and I reckon this gives you the confidence that you can complete anything you set your mind to......

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