Friday, 3 December 2010

Shopping Deals - Extra free & Buy one get one free!!!

Having a very busy weekend scheduled I decided to do the weekly trek to the supermarket yesterday evening.
I know this trip is a necessary one, but it is a chore I really don't like. I know that I could save myself and order it online, but I begrudge paying the delivery charge they impose. Also by the time you have faffed around online ordering, you could have walked round the store twice. I don't like the fact that if an item is out of stock they will put an alternative in for you which you might not like or is more expensive.

Anyway I digress!! I arrived to begin my shop, and had just walked through the doors and was greeted with the first promotion offer. Big tins of sweets with extra free & buy one get one free on a packet of 6 mince pies!!!
OK you might think you could get away with buying the tin of sweets now for Christmas, but would not a small box suffice instead of a 10000 calorie tin.
The mince pies however are outrageous they will be out of date before Christmas day arrives and each mince pie is 250 calories!!! The supermarkets are promoting festive foods & encouraging you to eat it for a whole month leading up to Christmas.

These promotions seem to be every where you look in the supermarket, everything that was un healthy for you seemed to be on a special promotion offer.

Why cant there be a balance, they could promote healthy alternatives at the same time. I guess all the healthy items will be on special offer in January "to help fight the bulge". The supermarkets will then be shown in good light by doing there bit to tackle the obesity problem of today, having aided the problem the month before.

The supermarkets should not be allowed to actively promote obesity in this day and age, not when the government are allegedly doing so much to tackle the problem.

I know the whole issue is a mind set going back a generation and if someone wants to buy these types of food then they will. But surely someone should stop the supermarkets from making it easier and cheaper to buy bigger quantities.

There is going to be a clamp down on the availability of cheap booze which ultimately is an addiction in simple terms.
So obesity is a form of addiction so is there going to be a clamp down on availability of cheap unhealthy foods.

I Think not as supermarkets rule the roost!!!!!

Rant over - The moral of the story don't allow kids into supermarkets!!!!

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