Saturday, 23 October 2010

first post

The first post is really to introduce where I am at in life.

I am married with a wonderful wife and 4 great children.

My life is very full looking after kids so there is not much spare time.

What spare time I do get I have chsen a hobby/sport which demands that you are time rich, this pursuit is running - not just running but Ultra running.

There has to be a trade off between balancing a happy stable family life and pursuing my chosen sport fully.

Hence I do a lot of my running very early in the mornings. The average wake up time for my weekend runs is around 4am.

I think the earliest I have got up is 1.30am in order to fit in  a 7 hour run.

I am currently ramping up my milage to get to a weekly average of 50miles/week.

My week consists of

sun morn - 20 - 30 miles
mon night- run home from work 8 miles
tue morn - run into work 10 - 16 miles
thur morn - run to work 10 - 16 miles
thur night  - run up bredon 7miles (or run home 6 miles)

This does vary as I have to be fairly flexible for family life.

Enough of me - Why have I set this blog up well...................

We are embarking on a family adventure to live and eat healthier. This is a total life style change (hopefully for the better).

We have enlisted the help of a PT who comes highly reccomended, he has cleaned our cupboards out of all the rubbish food, and we have filled it with good clean wholesome food.

Part of this adventure envolves supporting Anna in her endeavour to adjust to this lifestyle. For me it is fairly easy as I have my experience from running to draw on and help me through. But for Anna this is a new experience, hopefully an enjoyable one. We are over a week into the adventure and I must say this is the most focused I have seen her. She seems to have a determination to succeed, also I think having a PT on board really helps as it is an external focus which she feels she does not want to let down.

So this is my place to ramble on about life hopefully write down my thoughts on life,different runs and races I enter.

Tommorrow is a 25mile run including Bredon.....................

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