Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quarterly report

Well this is an interesting conundrum, I thought I would be writing this blog saying how well my preparation had gone for what would be my greatest challenge to date the JOGLE 2012, oh well I will write it in a years’ time instead.

However…….. My rebuilding both in terms of running and my life has been going very well.

OK life first  Well what can I say life is very good I said 2012 was the year for discovery, well so far my discoveries have been fantastic if a little over whelming, suffice to say there looks to be exciting times ahead…

To my running – Well in mid Jan I could not run 10k without my lower ab pain rearing its ugly head, it is not a run stopping pain just an ache that gets progressively worse to a point and then just stays with me until I stop running.

Since then I have gradually been building up my stock mileage keeping good posture to the point now when I can run on average 15miles before the pain kicks in, so things are improving..

One thing that has changed this year is I am trying to do as many runs with other runners. This has made a huge difference for me as I find it keeps my pace at the level that was agreed, I always find if I run alone I set a pace in my head but this has generally gone out the window with in the first few miles, as I just tend to go faster and faster.

I seemed to have found my zest for running again which I defiantly lost in the summer last year, the sheer enjoyment I am getting from going out and just running is fantastic.  I don’t care about times, I don’t care about pace & I don’t care about terrain.
I just love going out and just running for the sake of running, this time of year is my favourite time, everything is bursting out into new life. I have had the opportunity to run in a few places I have never run before so far this year and that in itself is refreshing..

Although I said I don’t care about mileage right now I still log my runs down as I have always done, the mileage might be slightly out I guess it will be a little light if anything. That said in 12 weeks I have averaged 50miles / week, which is surprising as it feels a lot less than that, this bodes well as potentially i am fitter than I thought I was.

So my aim for April & May is to slowly increase the mileage while trying to build my posture running up to maybe 20miles pain free running.

I still have no races booked up, as I don’t want to overdo my rehabilitation; suffice to say I might look at a shortish race in May along with my plan to Buddy run on the night section of the GUCR.
Followed hopefully by the Ultra100 in June (unfinished business there), I potentially have a crew for this year so this should make the logistics of running easier, just the small matter of a fit body now to gice a good account of myself. I already have a sub 24hr on this race so I will be looking for something a bit more challenging timewise, a sub 20hr is a massive challenge but one that is not unrealistic with the right planning, and good level of fitness..

Finally a huge good luck to the Guys and Girls undertaking the JOGLE 2012, I am a tad jealous that I won’t be on the Rock & roll Bus. I will be following your progress with much interest and if you make it to Day 10 & 11 I will be joining you on the road….

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