Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ironing Boards and mad physio's

I figured it was time for an update.

Well my on-going injury saga is still on going, since my last update on that front I have been having extensive physio.

This included pelvic realignments and various manipulation in the groin area, very painful but apparently necessary as part of the rehabilitation program (hmm I swear my physio is sadistic)

Any how my running with in this period took a back seat as I was really concentrating on beating this injury.

Since the middle of Jan my physio has been concentrating on my back and now seems to think that all my frontal lower ab pain is posture related (The Jury’s out on that one but I will bow to his superior knowledge)

He has had me doing all sorts of strange exercises. But I think the one that made me realise I am in fact dealing with a mad man was when he said I had to strap myself to my ironing board.

Let’s just work that statement through I am a single bloke living on my own, owning an ironing board is fairly low on my list of buying priorities.

Ok joking aside I did and still continue to do the exercises given to me, and surprisingly slowly but surely my running although not totally pain free is getting easier.

I have to really concentrate on my posture when running, I naturally run with my back stooped forward hence why I am getting the lower ab issues. Mentally the concentration ebbs and flows when I concentrate its pain free, as soon as I start running stooped for a prolonged period, I have ruined the run as the pain is back and even if I run with a straight back for the remainder of the run the pain stays until I stop.

I think the sensible thing to do would be to stop running completely for around 3 months to give my body time to heal.  Well my brain can’t compute that statement as it has words like sensible and stop running in it.

So my plan is to carry on with the posture running slowly building up the pain free mileage. (I wonder how long it takes for a new running stance to become your natural stance?)

Then every couple of weeks have a blow out and run a decent distance just for the hell of it. I have no races booked as such this year although I have a few I would quite like to have a bash at but I will have to be patient and see if I am fit enough to really have a crack at them…

My first blow out run is this weekend, which hopefully I will be happily blogging a successful albeit painful run….

Happy Running....

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