Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Running a RACE for the enjoyment .of running

How time flies, I can’t believe we are almost half way through the year already…..

Well that means it must be my local race oh and it also happens to be one of my favourites….

Ultra Race 100…

This will be my 3rd year of running it and to be fair this race well and truly gets my running juices going, I love it for lots of reasons – the views, dare I say it the challenge of the HILLS, the fact that it is navigable without a map (once you’re tuned into the stickers). Ultimately though for me it’s enjoying the whole ultra-running community and the banter that goes with the territory.  It’s great to discuss running plans with likeminded people who are not going to stare at you like you are from Mars; they will just nod and then tell you about there just as equally SENSIBLE running plans….

Well to my preparation for this year’s attempt, ok confession time my training has most defiantly not gone to plan. Often I have had to miss key training sessions due to my on-going injury saga. It has at times got me down but right now, I know I’m not as fit as I was last year but my head is in the right place.

 I am focused determined and I will be finishing the race come what may – I know it’s gonna hurt more than normal but right now I need this finish more, so the pain will be overcome……

Another boost to this quest is finding out that Tom my running buddy is coming along, coupled with the fact he wants his sub 24hr I now have a focus to help him achieve his goal and hopefully in the process maybe better my time from 2 years ago……

It has a bit of a family feel to it again this year, last year Anna and the boys helped out on CP’s. Even my parents came out to help Anna on the night CP.

My parents  enjoyed it that much (eh Mum) that they are back running another night check point. My Brother Gerry is coming out to help support me through the night section (not sure if it will be more verbal abuse though).

 Amongst it all my girlfriend Sarah is having her baptism of fire into the Ultra world; I’m not sure what she is going to make of it all. As a runner herself she has experienced races up to half marathon both as a spectator and as a competitor. I guess though nothing prepares you for the laid back start of long Ultra’s where the majority of the field will start at a very relaxed sedate pace..

Coupled with that she is going to experience the highs and lows of ultras first hand as she is crewing for me.  I just hope I don’t become too demanding, I like to think that I am fairly easy going to look after as a runner (although my GUCR crew team might disagree).

What ever happens my main aim is to enjoy every aspect of the race, even the weather – lets face it the conditions have got to be better than last year  DON’T THEY???????

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