Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Decs are up!!!!!!!

My blog is delayed a bit this week as The Spiers household has gone into overdrive at the moment!!!

Last weeks training was very much a mixed bag...........

Mon evening was a 8.5mile steady run home from work in the freezing cold. The pins held up well, which was a good sign after my 52miler at the weekend.

Tue morning I ran back to work in a lovely snowy scene. We had an inch of the white stuff overnight which made for great running I thoroughly enjoyed my 9.5 mile run.

Lewis had his birthday on Wednesday so a days holiday was in order which meant Christmas shopping while he was at school. Then family round later followed by chill time.

Thursday evening was a run home at tempo pace 6.4miles. Still ice underfoot.

Friday morning was a 10miler into work with ice underfoot again. Unfortunately my altered running stance due to the ice may of kept me on my feet but unfortunately it tweaked my right Achilles.

It seems that it is only a slight strain but I decided to rest it over the weekend rather than risk it.

So The weekend was devoted to getting into the Christmas spirit.

On Saturday after the swimming commitments we all took a trip to the theatre to see the Christmas panto Cinderella. It was fantastic fun and all the family enjoyed it.

Sunday was spent putting the Christmas decorations up, a lot of fun was had even in the cold. They look great and we are now officially in the Christmas spirit.

On to Monday I was due to run home but Anna was called in to cover a shift at work so I biked home. Then once the children were in bed I ventured onto the treadmill. I haven't been on one for around 2 years and I know why, they are so boring. I managed 5.5miles and then I quit before I lost all concentration and fell off. Still one positive my ankle was fine.

So to this morning I was up and out the door at 5.45am, it was FREEZING (I found out later someone had clocked -12 in there car around 6.30am)
I must admit after around 2 miles I was either warmed up or my body had got used to it.

My only problem was my hands they got colder and colder as the run went on and that's with 2 pairs of gloves on.

After around 6 miles I noticed that all the hairs on my legs were covered in frost, it did look rather strange. I did get some funny looks towards the end of my run, as people walked to work. One woman stated that she thought I was mad, to which I replied it comes with the territory!!!
So 13.4miles later I was at work trying to blow some life into my very numb hands, so I could type the code into the keypad to get into the nice warm building.

So on reflection get some warmer gloves and start running in tracksters. (No chance I'm hard I can handle it)

I did have some slight niggles with the heel but not enough to stop.

This week coming the plan is:-

Thurs Morn 20miles to work.
Thurs eve 8 miles once the kids are in bed.

Friday is Anna's op so depending when she is on the list I may go for a blast while she is in theatre (as long as I am back when she wakes up)

The weekend will be suck it and see depending on Anna's recovery!!!!

More soon...........

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