Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ankle update

Well I thought I would update before Christmas.

Last Thursday I went for a run to test my Achilles out after almost a week of rest.
It was going to be an 8miler but due to the very icy conditions altering my running gait, I ended up doing 5.5 miles.
The results were ok there were no stabbing pains, but for the last mile my ankle was starting to ache; only a dull ache but enough to know it was there.
I decided to delay my decision on my long back to back until Friday eve.

Come the Fri eve I decided to ready myself for a 20 miler but come sat morning I looked out and it had been snowing, I decided to not risk it as it was the snowy icy conditions that had caused the initial injury.

On the Saturday afternoon it was still snowing, I had measured the fall in the garden at 10”. At that point I could not resist having a go in the snow.

So trail shoes donned I headed out, I decided to stick to the roads as I could not distinguish any defined off road trails to the field and I did not want to twist an ankle or worse!
Having said that most of the roads were untouched, so it was like trail running anyway.

There is something quite eerie running up the middle of a main road in the middle of the afternoon as you have the whole road to yourself.
The run took me through the back roads around Bretforton & Aldington; it was an enchanting experience, seeing scenery I see all year round from a different perspective was particularly breathtaking.

When I was running through Aldington village, there was a chap clearing his drive, when he saw me he started laughing, I said it’s the best time to run, to which he replied at least you have the roads to yourself.

I ran on to the Evesham to Offenham road and as I ran down the hill I was greeted with a chaotic scene on the road. There were cars struggling up the hill, and cars sliding down the hill and cars stuck on the side. There were folks standing around looking perplexed not knowing what to do, most looked at me in disbelief.
At the bottom of the hill was an old works bus full of workers who had finished a shift all sat on the bus while the driver struggled to make any headway. I thought about offering my services but there were enough people standing around who could help so I carried on my merry way.

I finished my run totally elated; I then proceeded to clear my drive of snow which was a good workout in its own right.

Taking stock I have run a total of around 15miles for the week which is pathetic but I feel I need to rest my ankle, I am hoping that my base fitness will see me through my first Ultra of 2011 which is on the 3rd weekend in January.
I am hoping over the Christmas period that I can still fit a long back to back in but we will see.....

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