Saturday, 11 December 2010

Operation Kidderminster!!!!!

Well Yesterday (Friday) it was D day for Anna's Op. So at 6.30am we set off on our merry way to Kiderminster. We had left the 3 boys with a trusted friend to get them to school.
So having dropped our daughter off with another trusted friend we shot over to the hospital.

Once Anna was registered we settled down for a long wait, but I was suitably impressed when at 9.50am Anna was called through to get changed for her Op.

I had been told that once the procedure had finished she would be out within around 2-3 hours.

So as any Ultra runner would do I went back to the car and donned my running kit. As I had never run in this area before you would have thought I would have at least plotted a route on Google Earth or something similar, but no I had no time.

So off I went ab libbing the route as I went, I soon got out off Kiderminster (no offence to Kidderminster but I don't like running in cities or Towns) . I ended up on an A road running towards Telford. after about a mile I saw a turning to the right and I took it. It turned out right as it opened up a fantastic scenic route of endless hills and wooded areas. I ran freely enjoying the scenery not knowing what was round the corner. Having said that I was conscious of the time as I had to be back within a certain time to get another ticket for the car parking.

I ended up running down yet another Hill and at the bottom the road turned severely to the right but there was a clear path up into some woods. I threw caution to the wind and set off up the hill into the woods. The path grew steeper and steeper, I finally reached the top and it opened up a total enchanting view of the wood. It was great to run through the woods taking in the spectacular scenery and woodland animals. Then I remembered to look at my watch and realised I needed to return if  I did not want  a ticket.

So back I went the same way as I did not want to risk loosing my way and not getting back to the hospital. On the way back I realised that my right ankle was really playing up, so I decided that after this run I would need to give the running a rest for a few days.

Once back I was on a high as you don't often get runs where every thing feels right and you don't care about the distance or the pace. It was just running for the sake of running. I don't care how far I went and I will probably not bother checking either as it would spoil the purity of the run.

So it was back to the reality of the day, and find out how Anna had got on!!!!

So I waited, and waited and waited for the elusive phone call they had promised.

Finally at around 3.15pm I went up to the recovery suite and asked, I was informed that Anna was in recovery but would be around an hour. You see they did not allow relatives or friends into the recovery area, you were allowed to stay in a very boring corridor and stare at equally boring walls!!!!.

At around 5.20pm Anna phoned to say she felt ok and was getting dressed and would be out shortly.

Around 20 mins later a nurse appeared an said I could come and see Anna. I followed into the hallowed area being the only one that had been let in, to see Anna looking tired but ok.

I then learnt that the op had been a disaster and the procedure had not gone ahead due potentially to surgeon error.

So having got her self in a suitable condition to leave we dutifully left the hospital after spending £8.50 on parking.
We picked up the children from the various friends who helped us out and got back home at around 7.30pm.

Anna was totally drained and soon went to bed.....

All I can say I certainly had some highs and lows over the last 24hours, but that is certainly nothing in comparison to what Anna has faced in the last 24hours........

More Soon.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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