Sunday, 21 November 2010

Time to fit it all in!!!!

Well it's been a real struggle to fit everything in this week!!!

Our youngest boy had a stint in hospital  which included an over night stop over, he had a very ulcerated mouth. There was a fear he had Hand foot & mouth, it transpired that the powers that be have diagnosed stomatitis which to us layman is a form of Herpies Yuck. I know he is my son but I draw the line at good night kisses at the moment..........!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a consequence things have had to slip such as household chores as we try and pick up the pieces and try and get back to normality.

At times like this any exercise regime or training plan goes out the window. Fortunately though I have got used to this with having 4 kids and my training plan can become fairly fluid.

What I did not and could not plan for was how tired I would feel after we had got little man home from hospital.

I decided I was going to embark on a bit of a catch up over the weekend.
The plan was:-

Fri eve - 8.5M
Sat Morn - 13.5M
Sun Morn - 26M

This should give me a total of 68miles for the week, which would mean I was only down 7 miles for the week.

Fri Eve 8.5M Done at Tempo rate, done no probs.
Sat Morn 13.65M Done at a fairly reasonable rate.
Sun Morn - No show was dog tired, I think it all caught up on me after the last few days!!

So as I write this I am planning to go out once the kids are tucked up in bed & Anna is watching X-Factor & I'm a celebrity.

So with tonight's excursion of 12miles
my weekly mileage will 54Miles.

I must say I am a bit disappointed with this total, but given the circumstances I guess its ok.

Here is to a big week next week!!!!!

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