Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The long Wait

I pre entered the Grand Union Canal Race on Mon 1st November.

This is a non stop race Starting at Gas St in Birmingham running along the side of the grand union canal and finishing 145 miles later at Little Venice in London.

I said I had pre entered that is because there is going to be a public draw for the final places on Fri 5th at 8.30pm.

There are around 270 possible entry's with only a 100 places up for grabs.

This forms the backbone of my Ultra races for next year.

If I don't get in then its on to plan B in terms of races.

This is one thing I have learnt when pursuing my chosen sport along with juggling family life, there always has to be a Plan B and C and D.....

In other words I have learnt to be fairly flexible with my training so its no different with my racing there are always plenty of ultras to choose from, this one just happens to have the prestige of being one of the longer ones in this country.

Any way talking of plans I need to structure my training into some form of plan so I am off to look at that now!!!!

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