Thursday, 18 November 2010

5 weeks on.....

Wow Its been 5 weeks since we embarked on this healthy  lifestyle adventure....!!!!

Time has gone very quickly, very quickly indeed.

As a result of certain changes in food habits and a healthy dollop of exercise on top, I am pleased to announce that my family has had a total weight loss of 25lbs

Let me say that again 25lbs lighter than 5 weeks ago.

It has been an amazing start to this adventure, and we are all looking forward to the next 5 weeks, with some slight trepidation I must add with Christmas looming large on the horizon.

But the goals have been set and the determination is there to see it through and come out the other side smiling, and healthier.

The last 5 weeks has been a steep learning curve not only for my family but for me as well.

I must admit I started this adventure thinking I am not going to get much out of this, how wrong I was.

Although I don't have much if any weight to loose myself I have come to realise that my diet consisted of far to much fat.
Now I am eating lots more protein and have come to realise that for me carbo loading does not work for my runs. All it did was make me feel bloated and I struggled with the initial part of the run.

Now I can honestly say I have not had a bad run in the last 5 weeks, if anything I am getting faster and stronger.

Mind you I am going to need it in the new year as I have a fair bit already planned & some booked

It goes like this:-

Jan 2011 - Ultra run 90 - 45 miles from Northampton - Tring and back over 2 days.
Mar 2011 - Wiggle Lightning 12 hr run  - As many laps as you can do on a 6.2m course
May2011 - GUCR - 145miles along the Grand Union Canal
June2011  - Cotswold Ultra race- 100/50miles in the Cotswold (ran it last year  my report is at the bottom of the official race report)
Aug 2011 - Ulter peak race - 40 miles
Oct2011 - Ceasers Camp - 100miles multi lap

Well done to Anna, Kieran and Lewis for there dedication.

And well done for Matthew and Mia for tagging along as there a bit young to understand but they will still benefit.

Lets hope we don't get to much chocolate and biscuits given to us for Christmas. Mind you the Helping hands charity might be pleased......

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