Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Reflection

Well this is the first week of my new training schedule complete.

First weeks plan was 6 runs totaling 65 miles.

Actual completed 5 runs totaling 58 miles.

On the whole I was happy with the effort.

The run missed was an early morning run to work, but in my defence our youngest daughter did have us up a lot of the night with a high temperature.

I did try and make up for it a little bit by adding about 3 miles to my long run on Sat.
The long run went well nearly knocking 10 mins off my previuos time for this run about 6 weeks ago. The runs has some good hills in it with 2 hills of around the 11% gradient, one around 2 miles long and the other around 3 miles long.
The other hills are still fairly steep but they are shorter affairs.

This was followed by what was going to be a recovery run on the sun of around 8.5 miles.
As it turned out it was a tempo run ending in a sprint finish as my legs were feeling in fine shape.

Bring on next week where the  plan is 6 runs totaling around 75 miles.

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