Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tue 9th nov runs

Having been successful in the GUCR 2011 draw, the name of the game today was to start my hastily re arranged training plan.

This will hopefully put me at a great level of fitness and endurance ready for the end of May 2011.

Today’s runs consisted of: -      8 miles (including hill reps) run to work.
                                                8 mile run home from work.

I was up at 6 which is a relative lie in for Tue’s morning as I have been doing between 15 – 20 mile runs to work.

After donning my gear including my new Head Torch, I headed out at around 6.20am.

The first 3 miles started as a nice gentle pace gradually building up the tempo. At 3 miles I got to the hill I was using for my hill reps, its 0.35 miles in length so just about right for hill reps. I then proceeded to bang out 4 reps culminating in and out and out sprint for the last rep.

I then continued on my merry way running into Evesham ready for work.

When I got to the outskirts I checked my watch and realised I still had half an hour left so I made a detour and ran a few more miles around Evesham before arriving at work.

On reflection I felt great after the run, I defiantly could have done more reps, but I am going to stick to the plan and build them up slowly.

Total mileage for the morning run 11.3 miles

I will see what I am like after the run home tonight!!!

Run home from work stated at 4.40pm

I ran in this morning in the dark and now due to the lovely winter time I am now running home in the dark.

The route home was pretty much the route in this morning in reverse.

Once I was out of evesham I found the unlit paths and roads very dark there was no moon to light the way.

The run home was going to be a nice steady pace but it soon degenerated into a fairly quick pace.

So just past the hour I had finished 8.5miles in the bag with no real affects from my exersions this morning

Total for the day : 19.8 miles

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