Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Quick Update

Well I thought I had better put a quick blog in as it has almost been a month since my last blog.

I made the local news last month which was good to see Ultra running making its mark although I must say the title to the article would not have been my choice here is the link to the article :-

My training is going well for the GUCR build up, I even managed an 80mile week last week so all things considered I cant really complain, or can I?

My only gripe / fear is the lack of runs over 30miles, I fear this may well come back and haunt me at sometime during the 28th/29th.

I plan to do another 50k this weekend which will give me a 75 mile week and then it will be a mini taper, as I am treating the GUCR as a training run so to speak.

The logistics involved in organising a crew, food & clothing is all time consuming at the moment, I am also trying to plan a rough pace chart for the crew so they have an idea where I should be ( I hasten to add this will be very much guesstimation).

Will blog before the GUCR epic when there will be a good mixture of nerves, excitement & lots of other emotions to add to the pot...

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