Friday, 28 October 2011

pond water

Since my last update training progress has been slow well you could say stagnant to be honest. I have managed a few 20+ mile runs but nothing to get excited about.

You can always come up with what you consider to be very valid excuses to not to run but lets be fair they have no substance to them, and when you pull away the veil all your left with is an attitude of I cant be bothered.

This is not a good rut to get into and I need to snap out of it very quickly otherwise before I know it will be Christmas and 2012 will be on us. For too long I have kept using the excuse of this long term injury I am carrying but the bottom line is if I keep things slow then the pain is manageable.

So this weekend sees me joining some fellow JOGLE entrants where we will be travelling to Preston. From there we are basically running down the Country  to Church Stretton roughly covering 2 of the JOGLE days. I am hoping that this weekend will be the kick up the backside I need to get back to some regular training.

I received some great kit from Aldi my clothing sponsor for the JOGLE.  I will be testing some of it out over this weekend.
This will also be the first big test for my choice of shoes for the attempt; I am running in my UK Gear PT1000 shoes. This will be my first back to back road runs I will have done in them so hopefully they will perform well.

I will blog next week on how the weekend pans out….

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