Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hip Flexors or Hernias take your pick.....

Here is a quick update on my progress after my Ultra100 DNF.

After putting the DNF firmly behind me, although I must admit I still have down moments and wonder should I have continued and finished, but hey ho whats done is done.

Any how I decided post race not to run for 2 weeks, to hopefully give my body a chance to recover and things would be back to normal.

I quickly got bored so ended up doing a lot of jobs around the house which I had neglected. Some jobs were not exactly helping the injury, such as topping some large conifers, this involved climbing the said tree complete with a chainsaw and cutting around 15ft out the top. This process was then repeated lots of times.

After the 2 weeks were up I decided to give myself a little jog test, to be honest I was not holding out much hope. I had noticed over the 2 week rest period that the pain I was experiencing had moved from the hip / groin area to the lower ab area.

Any way I decided to incorporate my test with a dog walk so I would not look too stupid if I had to stop jogging after 20paces. I did manage around 500metres (yes Jason 500metres not miles) before the pain got too much, so suitably annoyed, totally dejected I trudged home to give the news to my wife.

Practical as ever she said phone up the physio tomorrow and try to book an appointment, I knew she was right.

So appointment was booked with a chap called Tony for today.

So today I met Tony who to be fair to him looked like he could rip you apart limb from limb. However he was great and did a thorough examination and pulled me every which way especially in the groin and hip area which is his specialist area. He concluded that I had no groin or hip strains which was good news. He then turned his attention to my lower ab area, he prodded and poked for a while and came to the conclusion that he thought it was a possible hernia.

After he had let that bombshell sink in, he proceeded to tell me that I would require an MRI scan to confirm his diagnosis and then if confirmed were talking a minor op....

After I had got back to the office  and contemplated what I had been told, I realised that if it was a hernia I was looking at a long time frame for it to be fixed. As this op would have to be done on the NHS I guess I will be under there time frame so I guess I am looking at a min of 12 weeks for an op date. That is after I have had it confirmed that it is a hernia.

So on reflection  I am a little bit deflated if I'm honest tonight, still I have to look on the bright side. I am off now to research into the possibility to still maintain some training runs with a hernia.....

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