Monday, 20 June 2011

Mind Over Matter

Exactly a year ago I was experiencing a mixture of panic, fear and excitement.

That was because it was less than 4 days to my first official Ultra.

The Ultra 100 2010 or (Cotswold 100) was my first organised Ultra race, and I had picked to go straight for a 100 mile distance. I did not know if I was going to crash and burn and end up in hospital or finish in style.

I ended up finishing in style (well style for me) with a sub 24hr time and completely hooked on Ultra running.

Well a year on with less than 4 days to go to this years Ultra race 100, I am experiencing a mixture of panic, fear & excitement. Now you would have thought that I know what to expect so why worry….

Well it’s been 22 days since I finished the GUCR, having now completed 5 short  runs since ranging from    5 – 8 miles I now know that 25 days between 100+ mile races is no way near long enough rest.

Having said that since signing up for the GUCR I have always known that the rest period was going to be tight, but as long as I can walk a DNS does not come into the equation. The same for a DNF unless injured or stretchered off the course.

What adds to the pressure this time though is I have set myself a target of not only finishing but finishing with a sub 20hr time.

I know the enormity of what I am faced with as the memories of last year can still haunt me, but more importantly they can also aid me as I know roughly where the tough parts are and where I can gain ground on easier sections.

So what am I going to do different this year which will see me knock at least 3.75 hours off my time……?

Well that would be telling and very presumptuous of me if I detail it all now and then when it comes to it fail in a major fashion.

Suffice to say I have a few tricks up my sleeve the biggest battle I think though will be starting on legs which are not fresh. Usually on my previous 100+ mile races the aches in my legs don’t start appearing until the 50 mile point but I fear on this occasion they will raise there head much earlier this time which is certainly going to add to the mental battle.

As I have stated before though you can only work with what you have got at that moment in time.

Mentally I am strong and as long as I stick to my game plan then I don’t see any reason why I can’t fulfil my ambition,
I know its going to hurt I just need to block that mere inconvenience out.

Any way back to my pain blocking play list……

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