Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Training (or lack of) is in the bag

Well another 2 runs and a very slow jog/walk this week has seen me on my feet for 24 miles.

The important thing is my ankle has been injury free for the last 4 sessions so I am hoping this is a good sign for this weekends ultra.

Its going to be a tough challenge 45 miles sat and then 45 miles on sun.

Although my training has been very limited for the last 6 weeks. My training up to that point was good with an average of 50miles a week for the 12 weeks prior to the injury. My total mileage for the year was just short of 2000miles so my base training is good and providing my ankle holds up I have no fear of finishing the weekend.

If my training had of gone to plan then my race strategy would have been for a sub 7hr run on Sat and a sub 8hr run on Sun.

Now the plan is to finish both days..

I am looking forward to it now.

The race report will follow.............................


  1. Good luck with the weekend. I am sure you will get through it ok. Pacing will be key especially with the worry in the back of your mind.

    Just ease into it :-)

  2. Cheers Rich

    Pacing will certinaly be the key. Having done no runs over 20 miles in the last 6 weeks thats when it will start getting intresting. I must admit my thoughts are treat it as a training event...